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the, the, a, russia is foreign ministry saying that country will be forced to retaliate with military measures if finland follows through with this plan to join nato. also ahead on the program. western sanctions provoking a global crisis in many ways. we are already seeing a sharp rise of inflation rates there, which i've reached 20 percent in some countries. a lot of say the width is heading for an economic disaster due to the backlash subs functions against moscow, wild europe, ukraine, to europe. so it was by suspending russian gas trans it through a key a former french soldier, russell's western media, by claiming he saw ukraine's radical ease off battalion torture and murder captured
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russian groups. he's off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbols. you know what they talked about in front of me. they left saying that if they see jews or black people, they would skin them. a lot fear authorizes a demolition of a prominent world war 2 era memorial to soviet soldiers, amid a conflict between luffy and authorities and residence over commemorations of the monument the mid day and cato midnight in jakarta. and in the evening right here in moscow, welcome to the global news updates on our team. the russian foreign ministry sees it will take steps to eliminate any threats caused by nature expansion, including quote, military technical measures. thus after a finished leaders call for nato membership without delay. the statement by the
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president of finland is a radical change in the country's foreign policy. neither russia's assurances about the absence of any hostile intentions towards finland, nor the long history of good neighborly and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries have convinced helsinki of the advantages of maintaining a course of military non alignment. finland's, accession to nato will cause serious damage to bilateral russian finish relations and also the stability and security of the northern european region. russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps both military, technical and other in order to stop the threats to its national security. arising in this regard, the foreign ministry, also se finland's, a session to nato would be a direct violation of the par is peace treaty signed in 1947, which prohibits countries including russia and finland from forming coalitions against each other. while moscow also adds finland's entry to the lines would violate in 1992 treaty between russia and finland. which states that both countries
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will refrain from threatening each other's territorial integrity or political independence. we got reaction to all, not from european studies. professor stephan got judge. democracy is a bonus, finland. there was no referendum to issue. and the only things that we heard and the finish public heard was that somehow all of a sudden popularity of nato has skyrocketed since february 24th. finland will definitely be joining nato, and of course this will only increase the insecurity of europe. we are talking about the world war unfolding before our eyes. because salem and swedes them. perhaps joining nato is an act of escalation. if the finish authorities are ready to violate their own
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traditions, constitution and identity, or fin as neutral country, of course that we can expect that international agreements agreement will be violated. international law, as such, has been repeatedly violated by western countries. and it means that we'll live in a vacuum on international law, the old order, the order that has been established with the end of world war 2 is over. we can argue whether it started to it certainly didn't start to crumble in the period between 989 and 1991 with the social so union. but it continues to deteriorate. nato expansion was one of the red lines which was emphasized by russia prior to the ukraine conflict. the spice and made promises from nate to in the 1990 . s not it wouldn't move another in. she's the block has been steadily expounding
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in recent years. with more than 2 years ortiz, charlotte davinsky, moscow has been clear that any further need to expansion is a red line viewing the blocks increasing encroachment eastward as being a threat to russian national security. but despite that, there is plenty of encouragement for both sweden and finland to don't even to the alliance. the war in ukraine is forcing our school to make difficult decisions. but sovereign nations must be free to make those decisions without fear or influence or threat of retaliation. for food in particular, the worry is centered on the fact that it has an 800 of so my long border that it shares with russia or helsinki fears that asking nato for membership could see an immediate reprisal from moscow. so why does russia see this is being a threat? both sweden and finland have greatly increased their defense spending in response
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to the war. as countries with high levels of per capita income, they could make a net contribution to nato's military capabilities over time. it makes sense that they might take on a leading role in defending the whole baltic region, for example, by adding enhanced air and missile defenses. making contributions to nato ground forces currently in estonia, latvia and lithuania. but considering the situation in ukraine's nordic nations a wondering if it may be better to be in rather than on the periphery of the nato block. even if the criminal believes it will not bring greater security for europe . and it's a gamble that finland and sweden look increasingly likely to take charlotte, even sky party. paris russian president vladimir putin has said that relentless sanctions against russia have led to the global economic crisis. we're currently witnessing it is such a western sanction that are provoking
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a global crisis in many ways. their authors guided by short sighted, bloated, political ambitions and was a phobia, are mostly damaging their own national interests and their own economy. and the well being of their own citizens. we are already seeing a sharp rise of inflation rates there, which have reached 20 percent in some countries. and the extension of the sanctions policy will inevitably lead to even more serious and irreversible consequences for the european union. and its citizens, it will also have an impact on the world's poorest countries, which are already facing a risk of famine, even if it's the blame for the situation wise entirely on western countries, which are prepared to sacrifice the rest of the world for the sake of preserving their own global dominance with them while it is gearing up to be inexpensive, summer and beyond, with natural gas prices in europe, surging 20 percent since the start of the month to $1200.00 per 1000 cubic meters.
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thus, after ukraine's fronted operator and instead was thumping a 3rd of the russian gas that travels through the country from getting to europe. no, i discussed the ramifications of such a move by ukraine with our correspondent don quarter. while this whole situation is obviously causing a supply problem for european countries, because just since tuesday or the there's actually a tremendous reduction of russian gas going through ukraine into the rest of europe by 50 percent. actually that's talk, that's actually around 100. that's from 100000000 metric. a cubic meters a day to around 50000000. now that all started, of course, after ukraine state gas company said it was going to stop sending, right. it was going to stop pumping russian gas from 2 out of 3 distribution stations along that pipeline. and it's because they basically cited a force, missouri, they said that the conflict there was obstructing the regular operation of these
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facilities. but russia's state energy company gas prime actually said that there's no evidence of that gospel, new boot you gas problem has not received any confirmation of the circumstance of the force. missouri cools. we did not see any obstacles for continuing to work in the previous mode. transit has been provided in full, there have been no complaints from the county parties. the transfer of volumes to switzer based on the russian flow scheme is technologically impossible. so that's a 3rd of the taps off for european countries. how does this affect the, the situation then on the continent? well, like you said, it means significantly less gas going to europe. i'm at a time where we're already seeing skyrocketing energy prices with record breaking inflation rate. i mean, germany, of course, for example, is a big consumer of russian gas, and it's had to replace what it's lost by buying gas from norway and the netherlands as well. and because of their, that's because of these reductions, of course, and on top of that, the use
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a policy is pretty vague in terms of whether or not a new member state will be violating the sanctions regime if it decides to pay for russian gas with, rubles it's confused, a lot of officials across the europe, ian union like the italian prime minister, for example. nobody ever said anything about whether rubles payments, breach sanctions or not, or how these payments are organized. so it's such a gray zone here. as a matter of fact, most gas importers have already opened an account in roubles with gas prom and all fairness to ursula on delay. and though, and she did say that it was indeed a violation to pay for russian gas in rubles. but that brings up another question, actually, it brings up whether or not the leadership is going to be ready to risk splitting the member states into those that are going to follow the rules against their own self interest. and those who are going to basically take any measures necessary to provide their people with affordable energy, whatever the case these recent decisions by ukraine are making an already tense
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situation. a lot more tense, a retired french marine has said he observed war crimes committed by ukrainian troops while in the country on a recent humanitarian mission. all you've asked me some time. i take full responsibility for what i say. i witness war crimes and ukraine. all of them were committed by the cranium army, not the russian army. this does not mean that there haven't been any war crimes by the russian side, but we don't talk about ukrainian war crimes and france when i returned to france from ukraine. i was shocked. tv channels are inviting people indiscriminately as experts, 80 percent of whom haven't been in the war and ukraine, and don't know anything about what is happening there right now. i find it disgusting that they're the ones talking about the war. it's off fighters were everywhere displaying nazi symbols. it shocks me. the europe supplies weapons to the military. as in my opinion, they are neo nazis. the symbols of neo nazis are embroider to everywhere on their uniforms. no one talks about it, but it's easy to see. this is the former symbolism of the ss,
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and you can find it everywhere in ukraine. but for some reason, no one cares about it. i worked with these people and gave them medicine. you know what they talked about in front of me. they left saying that if they see jews or black people, they would skin them. well that says the u. n has released a report saying it has called credible information of torture, of russian soldiers by ukrainian forces, while also mentioning a ledge war crimes by moscow lead troops. again, here's what french, a volunteer, adrian book, a describing at what he said, captured russian soldiers were put through a note. the accuracy of the claims had not been verified by our you don't, didn't, i saw captured russian soldiers beaten and tied up. we were in some kind of barn where they were brought ukrainian troops from the off battalion. we're asking who the officers were. every russian soldier got a bullet in the need from a kalashnikov, although they were defenceless. i have videos confirming this, otherwise i would not dare to say such
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a thing. people who confessed that they were officers was shot dead in the forehead . this is the system, at least in a's off. okay, no history that bring you today. let's see, and authorities have a law the demolition of a prominent memorial to soviets. soldiers who liberated the baltic country from nazi forces during world war 2. after luffy and lawmakers suspended a bilateral agreement with russia. the handling of soviet era, monuments, or protests broke out in the capital riga. the north police moved in to detain demonstrators after people protested the removal of flowers they brought to the monument for the may, 9th, the victory de anniversary authorities had used both daughters to cleanse. the commemorations in response local was brought to even more flowers and gifts to the monument with belief then reacting by completely blocking off the scene
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according to love, the law enforcement officials. any gatherings near the memorial will be considered an act of support for russia. reagan has been one of the most vocal critics of moscow's actions in ukraine. we heard from some local to say their outrage by the actions of the authorities. if you don't mind, if i go to my father's grave, i put the flowers and someone will come and dragged them away. i think it's just vandalism. it's terrible. we collected money for this monument donations back in the 1980s. each residents of re guys, i know donated his own funds for the creation of the monument. and today this is what they're doing. i wait flowers had this morning in victor day, a victory of the whole people, the whole world. and now someone gave the order to lead me to go to this monument today and lay flowers. this is absurd, this is neither democracy nor freedom. and i'm sorry that i now live in such a said with a little bit of reaction to this from political analysts. nickel markovich,
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who believes, attempting to tackle such issues by removing monuments is futile. and his word this, there's like some sort of a desire to rewrite history of european nations and destroying monuments is tantamount to fascism and it looks funny. mm. it was about, it was about strong fascism. and this is crazy because it's going all across western europe today. as a for destroying monuments would solve the situation in ukraine. it's ridiculous. this is exactly why we fought against fascism in that system. this is what happened right before the 2nd world war were in germany early and other places in, in europe and even the world. people are your point, jews because they were jews and they were supposed to be responsible for all of the everything she's going back. we're experiencing the same scenario today except that the jews have been replaced by russian. it's to hatred behind this and it's still that is extremely bad. and we have to contend this. you cannot say that one person is responsible for all the bad deeds on this earth. and this is what destroying
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monuments, and this is what the current narrative in the west is going to lead to joe biden is facing increasing criticism in the u. s. for what's been called his failure to stop the horizon rise of inflation and consumer prices across the nation. let's get the latest from our corresponding kil, up my been in new york all not. hi there, caleb. take us through washington saying and actually responding to because that's what citizens want, isn't it? they want some kind of bouncers here to these economic challenges. sure. the economic data, this point is not good. the numbers indicate that the consumer price index shows that inflation moved to had at the rate of 8.3 percent in april. now that is the highest rate of inflation the united states has had since the 1970. this is a 40 year high. in addition to that,
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we also have the rate of household debt in the united states, increasing 16 trillion dollars are owed, and the new york federal reserve says that consumer consumer demand is decreasing. people simply don't have the money to keep buying at the rate they're by, even if they continue to go into debt. so these numbers are quite bad. here's what joe biden has to say about, what's the blame? there are 2 leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the 1st cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic, an issue. we have a 2nd cause, a 2nd cause, mr. prudence war and ukraine. you saw, we saw in march that 60 percent of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump for gasoline. well, some americans are looking for yet another cause. they say that it's joe biden himself, that is responsible, and that mismanagement from his administration is causing american families to face
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this squeeze of rising gas prices. ready rising food prices rising rates of debt, et cetera. now the polls indicate that joe biden's client. this is all just simply default of the pandemic, simply the fault of russia has nothing to do with him. that actually doesn't seem to be bought very widely in the united states. 39 percent of americans approve of joe by far less than half or less than 40 percent, where at 39 percent approval rating for joe biden, quite low numbers. joe biden seems to insist that these hard economic times are just the things americans have to accept because of the confrontation with russia. but a lot of americans just don't seem to be buying it. not a good day for the biden administration, rising unrest among americans and people are looking ahead to those mid term elections set for november when a new congress will be elected for washington. d. c. a big a few months ahead. caleb, thanks very much for all of our to kill him up in new york city will. despite the
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economic rules at home, the us doesn't seem to have a problem dishing relief funds for a country on the other side of the globe instead of its own taxpayers. thus led some critics to accuse washington of putting america last. those are tease, racial, blevins reports. politicians are supposed to represent the people who elect them and put their interest 1st. but many us lawmakers appear to be promoting the interest of an entirely different country. south of representatives has approved nearly $40000000000.00 and funding for ukraine, with just $57.00 out of the $435.00 members voting against the measure. that says, congress refused to approve around $10000000.00 in koby 19 release funding for americans. previously, i had recommended the congress take over do action on much needed funding for coal treatments, vaccines, and tests as part of the ukraine supplemental bill. however, i have been informed by congressional leaders in both parties, that such an addition would slow down action on the urgently needed ukrainian aid.
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so congress is making it clear that it's funding for ukraine 1st in covey, really for american 2nd, was someone makers, openly saying that ukraine is their top priority? i think we all agree. the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war and you're crying while americans may not be taking to the streets to protest, they are voicing their frustrations on social media with some questioning why us politicians are voting with americans in mind. they got money for wars, but can't feed the poor. you can't find baby formula in the united states right now, but congress is voting today to send $40000000000.00 to ukraine. let's put america 1st for a change. no matter how bad things may seem, we can always count on our government to have an extra multi 1000000000 dollar check laying around to prolong a war on the other side of the planet. food prices, skyrocketing, energy prices, skyrocketing, a literal baby formula. shortage, rent,
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skyrocketing, americans are in a bad situation, and our congress just gave $40000000000.00 to ukraine for those who are concerned about the actions of their elected representatives. how figure nancy pelosi suggest taking a sort of biblical approach. so when you're home thinking, what is this all about? just think about when i was hungry, you fed me in the gospel of matthew. okay, but in this case, who is feeding america and more specifically, their children, more than 10000 stores across the country are reporting shortages of baby formula with 6 states saying that more than half of their supply is out of stock. all of the prices continue to store with reports from april, showing that inflation in the us remains at 40 year high. domestically in the u. s. the mos inflation reports showed that food prices for home consumption were up 10 percent year over year. that's the largest increase
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we've seen in lower a 40 year period. those storing prices and for some americans to move out of major cities in search of more affordable lives. while i was just weeks ago that biden warned of a global food crisis, he announced new sanctions against russia. here in the u. s, food shortages have started to become a reality. as food banks across the country report increased demand from the americans who can't afford the prices at the grocery store, and it's not just the u. s. in the u. k. a recent study found them more than 2000000 adult say they can't afford to eat every day. this is price is continue to store with even the bank of england predicting that inflation will hit 10 percent this year. meanwhile, prince charles, adjust the crisis while lavishly sitting on a golden throne in a golden room with lots of golden accessories mouths. his government's priority is to grow in strength from the economy and hope these, the cost of living for families. the u. k is also following in the footsteps of its
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american allies with prime minister, boers, johnson boasting about sending 450000000 pounds of taxpayers money to ukraine. the opposition was quick to call him out, to out of touch to meet the challenges of the moment i'm too tired to draw a feel, but you notice of the future that time has passed. so as western politicians continue to go above and beyond for ukraine, while their own people sing deeper into crisis, they're making it crystal clear, just what their top priorities are and what they think they can get away with. while still keeping their coveted political titles. in washington, rachel blevins, r t ah, well us republican c b lind, lisa, which was accepted by a majority in congress. this week i'm signed off by president biden. to expedite military a to cave will just lead to more people dying in ukraine. every vote to provide
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military assistance to ukraine, drug us, closer to a war with russia. this is not our fight. i reiterate my hope for immediate peace talks and resolution of hostilities, sending more weapons of war is counter to peace and will extend the death and destruction. washington is no authorized to transfer any weapon of war or nuclear capability to ukraine. the act is also exempt from laws that normally govern such at least such as a 5 year duration on the requirement to pay all costs of loaning the equipment for lethal aid comes in addition to vitamins requests to prove another $33000000000.00 and assistance to ukraine geopolitical commented or near med say such support will drive the country into severe debt for generations. because if you go through the act it has basic b, d, d actuation of world war 2. c act f, but it didn't have to take 6 decades to pay off. well,
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we'll do our true that then technically ukraine may take like another 200 or maybe 300 years to pay off a may be not able to cope up with the challenge of debt. the natural membership will not going to help you. crane or other countries, as you have seen already, the natural countries always suffer because they have to pay the bill of the u. s. a wrong decision, for example, $911.00. and before that, a war that was in offline is the 40 years in a one is on the us sees it will allow foreign investment in the part of syria, not control by the countries government. washington now that that issuing such a license for companies to operate in the countries north east won't contravene americans functions either. the united states and tens in the next few days to
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issue a general license to facilitate private economic investment activity and non regime held areas liberated from isis in syria. ne, syria which borders turkey under rack contains significant oil reserves and agriculture alone. the country has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with washington pushing for the removal of president bashar assad government. the u . s. has also imposed sanctions on damascus, which has blocked investment in syria. crippling the rebuilding of the country, independent journalist and writer, vanessa billy said the u. s. has plunging syria into quote, a lawless abyss. you know, the us, the things, 3rd 1011 has done nothing but far. and national are inside. the unilateral sanctions and the folks are legal, they are a war crime because they are stripping 30 and millions of that dignity. that is a war crime. you know, the us has become a lawless faith about at room based governance. but in reality,
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this is what they are doing. it's plunging this world into a law a bit. they function and not against the mask, and they are against all the people that are now living in a state of salvation or energy and fuels that probation because of the occupation of the northeast. so you know, this is an extraordinary level of paper chrissy. even from the us it's unbelievable . well, you can tell further into any of this, our stories by going to a website all was fresh shop. they'd stories to keep you informed on entertainer as well from moscow and you know, neil and this ah ah.
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with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist those 3. how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk
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a with
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a with a will take your ceiling year for next year. it is a good job. so all 3 of them are the order was not us be, it was the whole is that i had done what i needed to do and i had done what i.


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